Divide and conquer. The in fighting within cartels and producers is wonderful. How ever they are able to continue profiting and operating especially with our Open Borders. Border needs to be Closed to All Illegals and Laws that were in place Need To Be Back ASAP OR Action Needs to be Taken to STOP these Foreign Invaders By Our Military. Powers to be given to Law Enforcement to Extract Illegals already in USA. Why give Fentanyl Testers and Narcan Freely to Drug Abusers to Continue to Profit the Cartels and Continue this !? Who is Profiting in the USA?

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I am also an interpreter for the federal courts in my location as well as a Drug Intelligence Officer for HIDTA. I was interpreting for a proffer this week and the subject was very much connected with the Sinaloa Cartel having OG roots within his direct family going back decades. He stated that in fact the Chapitos were enforcing their ban on fentanyl production with several killings of folks that didn't think it was real. However, there are several small groups that have or had large stashes of product and were selling them off. Of course he corroborated the divisions in the matrix, so to say, and not everyone is towing the line...or Linea...LOL. I was surprised to hear from the horse's mouth that there really was an enforced ban in Sinaloa; of course, they ain't the only producers or distributers so the NAFTA (Narcotics Always Flow to America) pipeline will not see significant changes, as you point out.

Mahalo for all of your work bringing this information to us out here...


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